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How To Play: Holeio

Hold down the mouse button to move the black hole.

Swallow objects that are smaller than the black hole to increase the size.

  Holeio will give players the role of a black hole that can swallow everything, a peaceful city suddenly appeared with monstrous black holes which clean all swallowed massive buildings and thousands of people were leisurely walking on the streets.

  Players will be involved in a 3D "arena" and compete against each other by controlling their little pit of death to swallow as much as possible in a certain amount of time. Whose hole is the biggest, that person is the winner. In, players not only try to "eat" a lot of things, even smaller opponents to expand their black hole size, but also must guard against larger opponents to avoid being destroyed. 

  Players can choose the style of the black hole they like, the terrain type is interesting, and especially can participate in team play. The trick is to go only under things that can fit inside: start with the consumption of pedestrians, electric poles, bushes, switch to cars, and finally to large buildings. Note that you are limited by time, chew as much as you can in a few minutes. Are you ready to take on the role of a black hole of death?

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